About us

M. Cecilia Sternzon, CPDT-KA, MBA
Founder, Principal

Cecilia started training her own dogs from the age of 12. It wasn't until a few years after college, however, that she became involved in the profession of dog training. In 1992, she started out with a Flyball and Agility club, teaching pet dog training classes to earn money for competition fees. She worked part time in the dog training field, earning her CPDT certification in 2003. In 2004 she finally "took the plunge" and launched into the full-time career of dog training and behavior counseling. In 2005, she founded the non-profit corporation, KADIE - Kids and Dogs Interactive Education, teaching children how to remain safe around dogs..

Now, Cecilia specializes in high drive dogs and working with children and dogs.

Offering a variety of group classes as well as one-on-one training, she can assist you in dealing with your dog's behavior challenges, including dog aggression, anxiety and other issues. She employs only the most modern, dog-friendly (and people-friendly) training methods, adhering to the CCPDT Code of Ethics.